We develop human-centered diversity strategies for companies.




IN-VISIBLE is a team. Everyone who works here combines academic, professional, and community-based references to gender equity. As a team, we are united by a shared mission to counteract the discrimination of women and minorities in the world of work. In this mission we are supported by a large network of qualified trainers and consultants whose competencies we use on a project basis. 



Founder &  Managing Director

Rea Eldem


Rea is a bundle of energy. She founded IN-VISIBLE after studying Gender Studies and Cultural Studies in Cambridge and at Lake Constance. In addition to her role as managing director and consultant at IN-VISIBLE, she is a lecturer at several universities (e.g. Hasso Plattner Institute).

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Alicia grew up trilingual and speaks German, English and Spanish. At IN-VISIBLE she is responsible for communication, in particular partners,  social media and  marketing. Alicia has a background in business and languages.

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Training & Workshops

Alicia Hernández Lara



Melissa is a psychologist, systemic coach and design thinker. In her free time, Melissa makes elaborate art, painting and working with wood and other natural materials. As an expert in systemic thinking and cognitive distortions, she advises IN-VISIBLE on unconscious bias in particular.

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Project Coordination & Consulting

Melissa Zaske



Sonja has an extremely contagious laugh. She has been part of IN-VISIBLE since 2021, implements workshops and training courses and further develops our products. Her background is change management and sustainability. 

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Product Development

Sonja Langela



Fran is a community organizer at heart and is involved in various activist groups for increasing the participation of marginalized groups in Berlin. Fran is a British sociologist, creative producer and has been with us since 2020 as an Unconscious Bias Workshop trainer. 

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Training & Workshops

Fran Root



Trisha has a little dog, Pancake. Born in England, she has over ten years of professional experience in marketing and social media and is the brains behind our branding. As an internal consultant for decisions related to communication, she brings a lot  creative energy in the team.

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Brand and Communication

Trisha Jones






We are always looking for people who share our values and identify with our mission. Sometimes we look for support on specific issues; You can find vacancies on this page. For the job description, please click on the picture. In addition, we are open to unsolicited applications.

If you want to get involved, have ideas, want to be part of IN-VISIBLE: write to us.