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We develop human-centered diversity strategies for companies.



In our workshops and interactive inputs we create a framework to work togetherto learn, to exchange experiences and to look for solutions. To this end, we offer three main topics. Not sure which format is right for your organization or whether it needs something completely different? Take our quiz and we'll find out.



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In this workshop we sensitize your employees to unconscious thought patterns and stereotypes. Then they can recognize them in themselves, others and within their organization.  Together they learn to understand their brain and their perception better and get theoretical and practical knowledge about how discriminatory decisions and judgments can creep in (e.g. in HR) - and what they can do about it. If you are looking for an introduction to the topic, we also offer this workshop as an interactive input.




  Online | De & En  

This workshop is about an equal work culture and what managers can do to establish it. Participants get to know and intervene in different forms of expression of discrimination. Based on real case studies from our consulting work, you will develop a solid understanding of crossing borders and how you can respond to the needs of your employees in order to fulfill your role as a manager. If you are looking for an introduction to the topic, we also offer this workshop as an interactive input.


  Online | De & En  

This workshop revolves around structural inequality and discrimination based on gender (sexism). We talk about power games, communication patterns and emotional work. After the workshop, participants can also recognize and name subliminal forms of sexism. You get various strategies to improve your own situation as well as that of your colleagues and to transfer them to your company in order to promote equality there.  If you are looking for an introduction to the topic, we also offer this workshop as an interactive input.

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Caro Strehmel,
Founder KnowBody

"IN-VISIBLE manages to create a safe space each time and lets us completely forget that we are  actually in a Zoom meeting right now.”


Christian Binninger, Founder WeCreation

"The Unconscious Bias Workshop has given me the opportunity to learn more about myself. I could ask all kinds of questions and the moderator provided space for these questions. She had an excellent feeling for the psychological safety in the team and a great way of making everyone feel  that."


Juliana Pfeifer,
Researcher KIT

"Everyone has unconscious biases – but it doesn’t make you a bad person. It's more about what you make out of it. For me personally, I took away how I can work on making them more visible for me. In-Visible has done a great job, the workshop was very interesting."

Unconscious Bias
Workshop für Führungskräfte
Workshop für Frauen
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